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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

update blog~~~

since everyone is keep complaining my blog didnt update so long~~
okay lo~~
im here to update a post~~
my last post b4 started my last sem~
n now~
im finished my last sem~
n waiting for my exam~~
im really bz wif tis sem~
so much things need to do~

oh ya~
i juz enjoyed my hk trip~
i juz guess is it possible i will more efficient than ms.sherly to update the hk trip detail??
but the possibility is low~~

juz realised tis is the first time i use english in my blog~~
tis is fast~~
no matter ms.sherly like to use english to update her blog~
n so efficiency n fast~~
i should continue my work now~~
bb la~~

1 comment:

  1. walao wan say like that meh?
    mentioned my name so many time worr...
    i will pai seh de leh.. haha
    since u say de posibility is quite low then i lend u b de 1st la haha
    nice boh? lol